Fireball for the Holidays

Merry Christmas all!! I'm popping in to check on my frantic procrastinating hosts. You've decorated masterfully, planned Christmas dinner meticulously, and you're ready to go! What about drinks? whenever I host a holiday or just have guests over, I always forget about beverages until the last minute. Going for the standard iced tea, lemonade, and BYOB works just fine, however if you want to provide your guests with a slightly fancier option at the last minute, I'm here for you. And so if Fireball! I'm giving you two super easy and quick drink ideas that can easily serve a crowd.

Fireball cinnamon Whisky, is loaded with holiday spice, so it is perfect to spike and spice up some holiday drinks!

First we have Fireball Eggnog! Literally the most festive thing you will ever taste.

To make your own eggnog combine 6 large eggs, 1 cup granulated sugar, 2 cups whole milk, and 1/2 to 1 1/2 cups Fireball! Heat the ingredients over the stove on medium heat until thickened. Serve warm or chilled! Traditionally eggnog is made with bourbon or rum, however I submit that using Fireball cinnamon whisky is 100 hundred times better. (No, this is not a paid endorsement for Fireball...).

Sprinkle the top with nutmeg and throw in a stick of cinnamon. To make it extra special and beautiful top with whipped cream before dusting with nutmeg! If you are serving this too a large group, you can always serve it in a punchbowl, have whipped cream, nutmeg, and cinnamon sticks out so guests can garnish as they see fit.

If you don't like the idea of raw egg or you don't have any extra time, buy eggnog from the store! Store bought eggnog is pasteurized, making it completely safe to drink. Pour it in the punchbowl, add some Fireball, give it a stir and vuala!

Another super quick, super festive Fireball drink is A Christmas Hug. A Christmas hug is essentially a simple punch. It seriously does bring up all the warm and cuddly feelings of Christmas, hence the name.

About a third of the punch is equal parts apple juice and Fireball, fill the rest of the cup/punchbowl with cranberry juice. It's that easy! Add some frozen fresh cranberries instead of ice to keep it chilled and beautiful. You can also add other fruits to the punch if you'd like; apples, grapes, or orange slices are all good options.

Cranberry, apple, and cinnamon. It doesn't get more festive than that!

The delish cinnamony possibilities with Fireball are endless (again...not a paid endorsement). Even if you're not hosting, these drinks make for a fun easy way to add some more Christmas magic to your day. Everyone have a blessed Christmas, and please drink responsibly!